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Annual Summer Conference – The Dyslexia Guild

Friday 8 July 2022, University of Bath

(East Building, Claverton Down, Bath, Somerset, BA2 7AY)

Annual Summer Conference

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our Annual Guild Conference on Friday 8 July 2022 at the University of Bath.  It has been so long since we have all had the opportunity to meet face to face and network with all you.

The Dyslexia Guild welcomes all those with a professional interest in dyslexia and SpLD, including specialist teachers and assessors, psychologists, learning support tutors and assistants. Guild members enjoy a preferential rate and we welcome new members to our community from all settings.

Our conference provides, as always, a great opportunity to meet and network with dyslexia/SpLD specialists. The conference enables practitioners to hear expert views and examine current topical issues relating to literacy and dyslexia/SpLD in a warm and vibrant conference setting.


  • Receive a discount on your place at the conference as a Guild member
  • Hear about research and current topics from our expert speakers
  • Network with others from around the world of SpLD
  • Visit our Dyslexia Action Shop
  • Take time out of your busy schedule to learn and reflect and take home a certificate for your Continuing Professional Development (5 hours)

What can I expect?

Our annual summer conference will be held on Friday 8 July, you can expect a warm welcome from our friendly Dyslexia Guild and Dyslexia Action teams, meet researchers, browse our Dyslexia Action Shop and a selection of other exhibitors, and enjoy a networking lunch. Why not benefit from taking time out of your daily schedule to learn, debate and reflect on cutting- edge practice? An attendance certificate will be provided for your CPD portfolio.

Conference Timings

Thursday 7 July and Friday 8 July 2022 only

Includes evening (networking) two course dinner, small double en-suite accommodation Thursday evening (Woodlands Court), breakfast, conference, lunch and refreshments Friday.
Please note:
evening meal and accommodation is only available through this package, neither can be booked separately

Friday 8 July 2022 only

Includes Friday Conference only, refreshments and a hot lunch.

Conference Programme

Annual Summer Conference

Speaker: Dr Catherine Manning
Lecturer in Psychology, University of Reading

Visual processing in children with dyslexia and children with autism
Atypical visual processing has been reported in both dyslexia and autism: conditions that have quite distinct profiles. Yet, few studies make direct comparisons between these conditions, so it is hard to say whether atypical visual processing tells us something specific about either condition, or whether it is a more general marker of atypical development. I will present the results of a study in which we looked at how dyslexic children, autistic children and typically developing children made decisions about visual information, while their brain waves were recorded using electroencephalography (EEG). The results tell us about the stage(s) of processing at which differences arise in dyslexic and autistic children. I will also discuss variability between children and potential practical implications.


Annual Summer Conference

Speaker: Professor Kiki Messiou
Director of Research/Deputy Head of Southampton Education School, University of Southampton

Including all learners in schools through student-teacher dialogues
This presentation will explore how all students’ views can be heard in schools, through the use of illustrative examples from two interconnected research studies that took place in five countries and used ‘Inclusive Inquiry’, an innovative approach for developing inclusive lessons (Messiou and Ainscow, 2020). A key feature of the approach is the idea of dialogue. Specifically, some students become researchers, who gather and analyse their classmates’ views about learning and teaching. These views are then used to inform the planning of a lesson, which is done in collaboration between students and teachers with the aim being to ensure that all students can take part. The approach has demonstrated impact on three main areas: teachers’ thinking and practices; student engagement, particularly those that take the role of researchers; and the promotion of inclusive school cultures.


Annual Summer ConferenceSpeaker: Dr Valerie Muter
Clinical and research psychologist with a special interest in children’s early cognitive development, particularly in relation to language and literacy

Dyslexia and the Phonology-Reading Disconnection Hypothesis: Why it Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story!
The hypothesis that a deficit in phonological processing is the cause of literacy difficulties in dyslexic students is widely accepted. However, research from neuroscience and cognitive psychology over the last 10-15 years has shown us that dyslexic difficulties vary in degree and expression and they commonly co-occur with other learning disorders; these findings do not fit comfortably with the phonology-reading disconnection hypothesis. This lecture will explore how we have been forced to rethink our causal hypotheses of dyslexia to take account of moderator and co-occurring variables that should in turn inform how we assess and teach dyslexic students. 


Speaker: Chris Budd OBE
Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Bath

Making mathematics fun through creativity and toys for all ages
Many people find mathematics difficult, boring, irrelevant and even terrifying. However, none of this needs to be true. In this presentation, I will show that mathematics is creative, fun and accessible by all. I will do this through the medium of magic tricks, puzzles and mathematical toys. I will also show how mathematics is relevant to all of our lives and learn a bit about how Google works. There will be a lot of audience participation, creativity and (hopefully) fun.

How much does it cost

Thursday 7 July and Friday 8 July
Includes evening (networking) two-course dinner, small double ensuite accommodation Thursday evening (Woodlands Court), breakfast, conference, lunch and refreshments Friday.
Please note:
evening meal and accommodation is only available through this package, neither can be booked separately**

  • Guild Members                          £165+VAT (£198 inc. VAT)
  • Non-Guild Members                    £195+VAT (£234 inc. VAT)

Friday 8 July
Includes Friday Conference only, refreshments and a hot lunch.

  • Guild Members                          £95+VAT (£114 incs. VAT)
  • Non-Guild Members                    £145+VAT (£174 incs. VAT)

**if you wish to book accommodation only, you can do so through this link, bookings will open shortly.

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Our membership body is open to all those with a professional or general interest in dyslexia and specific learning difficulties (SpLD).  Professional members hold designatory letters and include primary and secondary teachers, SENCOs and teaching assistants as well as Further and Higher Education support tutors and advisory specialists. Our network is also highly relevant to dyslexia and specific learning disability assessors, librarians and other specialists through Affiliate membership.  

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Please note: if you are joining the Guild to receive the members’ conference rate you must join and have confirmation of your membership before you register for the annual summer conference, the discount cannot be applied in retrospect.

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Annual Summer Conference – Other important information

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