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Members’ Benefits

Our members benefit from a wealth of resources and services including:

Directory of Members

The Members’ Directory is a list of those who have a membership at Associate FE/HE, Associate, Member or Fellow levels.
A great way to advertise your specialist teacher/practitioner and assessment services to parents, employers or anyone looking for tuition or full dyslexia/SpLD assessment.

Search the Directory/Find a Professional

Please note: This benefit is not available to reduced Affiliate members.

Members’ Website and Forums

The Guild members’ website provides a wealth of information, including an online platform where you can message other members and experts about topics of interest. The forums include subject-specific threads about assessment and the Assessment Practising Certificate (APC), Exam Access Arrangements, Adult, Further and Higher Education Specialists, Dyslexia Action Literacy Programme (DALP), and a general discussion area.

Designatory Letters/Membership Grades

Designatory letters, also known as post-nominal letters (ADG, ADG FE/HE or MDG), are available to registered members who are specialist teachers/practitioners, student support tutors or specialist teacher/practitioner assessors.  Fellowship (FDG) is also available to qualified, experienced professionals.

Please note: This benefit is not available to reduced Affiliate members.

Specialist Library/National Dyslexia Resource Centre

The Guild provides its members with a broad range of information relating to Dyslexia and SpLDs through its online library, a platform that produces focused search results. The National Dyslexia Resource Centre holds hardcopy resources, archives for the Association and also provides a unique e-Resources Collection, covering the fields of Dyslexia and other co-occurring difficulties, through its special collection of e-books. The library holds key books and journals from internationally recognised publishers in the field of Dyslexia and related areas, all accessible by members 24 hours a day.

Please note: Reduced Affiliate members have online library access only (no hard copies).

The Dyslexia Review Magazine

This is the journal of the Dyslexia Guild and is published twice a year for members and other subscribers. The Review provides
topical articles and academic features on recent research and areas of interest to those working with learners with dyslexia and specific learning difficulties. The journal is free to members and is available on a subscription basis to schools and other interested readers. Dyslexia Review back issues and other related media are available electronically to all members.

Please note: Reduced Affiliate members have online Dyslexia Review only (no hard copies).

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The Guild Gallery

This is an electronic newsletter with topical information on research, courses, publications, continuing professional development and events and is sent to readers on a bi-monthly basis.

Annual Summer Conference

The Dyslexia Guild Annual Summer Conference is held every year towards the end of June and is a vibrant networking event for members and non-members.
The conference explores current and topical areas relating to the field of Dyslexia and SpLD and provides an exhibition of specialist suppliers. Preferential and early bird rates are available for Guild members.

Discounts at Dyslexia Action and the Dyslexia Action Shop

Dyslexia Action Training offers a range of online training courses and events suitable for Guild members on current practice and research, some available to Dyslexia Guild members at a reduced rate. Receive 10% off non-sale items at the Dyslexia Action Shop, including psychological assessment tests and a wide range of supporting materials.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Available to Guild members at preferential rates.

Gaining or renewing an Assessment Practising Certificate (APC)

Apply for or renew your Assessment Practising Certificate (APC). This is for those carrying out assessments and those who
wish to be registered with the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC).

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