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Membership Grades

Dyslexia Guild members are eligible for designatory letters in recognition of their qualifications and professional status.

Our membership grades are as follows:

Affiliate and Affiliate reduced

Affiliate Members are working or studying in a relevant educational setting and are gaining suitable experience in the field of dyslexia/SpLD. They do not have designatory letters after their name. This grade is not suitable for DSA-QAG members, see Associate FE/HE.

Associate of The Dyslexia Guild (ADG)

Associate Members are professional members and specialist teachers with a level 5 or level 7 teaching qualification in dyslexia/SpLD.

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Associate FE/HE of The Dyslexia Guild (ADG FE/HE)

Associate Members (ADG FE/HE) are professional members and support tutors in Further and Higher Education.
They have gained membership through Accreditation of Prior Experience and Learning (APEL) and hold qualifications relevant to student support for DSA-QAG, Non-Medical Helpers (NMH) Band 4 Study skills.

Those who have this level of membership should hold or are expected to work towards gaining the Level 5 Certificate – Supporting Adults with Dyslexia and Co-occurring Difficulties (DACRT56) or equivalent.

For further information and how to apply for this membership please see: DSA-QAG NMH Study Skills Membership Criteria

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Member of The Dyslexia Guild (MDG)

Members (MDG) are professional members and specialist teacher assessors with a level 7 specialist teacher/assessor qualification in dyslexia/SpLD.

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Fellow of The Dyslexia Guild (FDG)

Fellows (FDG) are professional members and specialist teacher/assessors with a level 7 specialist teacher/assessor qualification in dyslexia/SpLD. They hold a minimum of 7 years of specialist teaching and 4 years of specialist assessment experience in dyslexia/SpLD.

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The Dyslexia Guild also offers:

  • Group Membership Scheme for educational establishments who wish to offer membership for up to four staff on an Affiliate basis
  • Business Affiliate Scheme for recognised providers of educational services and/or materials who wish to endorse and support the work of The Dyslexia Guild

Please note: Neither Group or Business Affiliate schemes are suitable for APC holders or DSA-QAG NMH members.

Applications and other information

Assignment of designatory letters

  • if you are unsure if your qualifications are eligible for a particular grade, please email copies of your degree/relevant SpLD certificates, current Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a covering note to guild@dyslexiaaction.org.uk. If you are applying for ADG FE/HE membership for DSA-QAG purposes then please visit this page BEFORE applying.

Current Guild member and need to update your qualifications?

  • please click here.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


  • if you would like to appeal a decision regarding the allocated grade of membership with The Dyslexia Guild, please see the appeals process:
    Membership Application Appeals. 

For further information please email us or telephone 01784-222342.

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