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Fellow (FDG) of The Dyslexia Guild


Fellows hold the Guild designatory letters FDG (Member of The Dyslexia Guild). Members will commit to the Dyslexia Guild Code of Practice and will have met the following criteria.


Will hold:

  • a Level 7 (UK HE Framework) Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma in Dyslexia/SpLD that confers qualified specialist teacher/assessor status plus a degree, or equivalent comparable qualification, from a recognised UK or International educational establishment.

Educational Experience

Will have:

  • at least seven years of referenced full time equivalent experience as a qualified specialist teacher/ assessor Dyslexia/SpLD and be working as a qualified teacher, or HE/FE support assistant or other relevant professional role (e.g. Speech and Language Therapist or Educational Psychologist)
  • at least four years of post-qualification referenced full time equivalent experience as a qualified assessor in mainstream education or HE/FE support settings
  • an Assessment Practising Certificate (APC) where required by their role.

You must have also held Member (MDG) membership grade for at least one year.

Equivalence on the Literacy and Dyslexia/Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) Professional Development Framework

Stage 5 Specialist Complex.

Example roles

Specialist Teacher/Assessor; Dyslexia/SpLD Advisor; Dyslexia/SpLD Trainer; Postgraduate or CPD Tutor dyslexia/SpLD.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Will provide detailed evidence of an ongoing commitment to their personal professional development through recent and relevant CPD as a part of their Fellowship application
  • Will ensure that their assessment practice is informed by recent and relevant CPD that will update their professional knowledge and application in a professional context
  • Will commit to a mentoring role to aspiring specialist teachers and assessors in their professional working capacity.

Member benefits

All of the following benefits are included in your annual membership fee:

¹ terms apply, courses/events from a given selection, please email guild@dyslexiaaction.org.uk for the discount code BEFORE you book, we reserve the right to change/cancel course dates and/or schedules subject to booking numbers.

How to apply

Please note before applying below:

You will required to provide references from two SpLD or other professionals who have known you and your work for at least a year.  For example, colleagues with SpLD or SEN qualifications, educational psychologists, a work manager, Head of Department or a Principal.  They can be retired but at least one of the references should still be contributing to their profession in some way.  The referee should:
  • Introduce themselves and explain their professional relationship to you
  • Include specific examples of your accomplishments
  • Include contact information information such as their name, their professional title, the organisation and an email address.

Your membership fee will  automatically increase to £100+VAT or (£80+VAT direct debit) at your next renewal.

If you meet all of the above entry criteria we invite you to apply here

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